1. Altar for July’s full moon

  2. wiccateachings:

    A Full Moon chant for tonight.


  3. "Alright you badass motherfuckers this is your daily shout out. Goddamn you’re too fucking awesome for this here planet. Throw your head back and walk with pride, bitches, because you are golden unicorns."
  4. honeycoyote:

    Rescued a moth today. Once it was safely on my hand it refused to leave…….. I spent 10 minutes trying to convince it that a tree was better than my hand. ( thankfully my boss didn’t see this lol) does anyone know what kind it is?

    Where was it found? Location and geography can help narrow it down.

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    #rituals #nature #healing #crystaltherapy #witchery #nature_perfection #elements #witchbitch 🌿🌾🍂🌻🌲🌎💠🔥🔮

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    It’s #time

  8. hykaris:

    Book of shadows su We Heart It.

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    © Elvira Amrhein

  10. victoriousvocabulary:



    a lover of snakes; one who is obsessed with serpents.

    Etymology: from Ancient Greek ὄφις (ophis, “snake”) + φιλία (philia, love).

    [Glyn Smith]

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  11. blackpoisonousrivers:

    H.C. Berann-
    Das grosse Leid
    (The Great Sorrow)

  12. blackpoisonousrivers:

    Roland W. Reed - Portrait of an Ojibwe girl, 1907.

  14. blackpoisonousrivers:

    The Awakening

    - By: Darby Lahger (Old Hag)

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