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    The sun hangs low this time of year by source

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    where is this, it’s beautiful

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    Frank Slide sight in Alberta, Canada. 

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    from The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum, 1987

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    This is why there’s a shield between them on the Australian coat of arms.

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    I love how the other one is like “oh not again, Steve, come on. Let’s be rational. No, Steve, no— sigh there he goes.”


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    I was rewatching Into Darkness when I noticed this, Marcus calls Jim son over and over again, and most of the time, we don’t see Jim when he does, but when we do, just look at Kirk’s face.  His goes half-lidded and looks down, away from Marcus because that’s Pike’s line.  Marcus shouldn’t be the one calling him son and Kirk sure as hell isn’t okay with that.  

    Pike was the one who could call him son, Pike was the one who could scold him like he was Jim’s father, Pike was the one who truly acted like a parental figure in Jim’s life and just look at how affected he is when he realizes that Pike will never call him son again

    You can just tell by his downcast expression that he’s is remembering and it is finally going through his head that Pike is gone, and there is no way in hell that Marcus is gonna be his substitute.

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    Banana Pudding Tiramisu

    Really nice recipes. Every hour.

    Hello, heaven, clearly I have died and found you


  9. This is my shout out to you for today. We are awesome. Even if you’re reading this and you say to yourself, she doesn’t even know me, she knows nothing about me… Well, that’s true. I don’t know a great many people but I know one thing, and that is we all have things in common. Whether it’s our shared love of loose tea, oversized sweaters, iced coffee, sour apple candy, fandom, or even the basics, that we all have a head and a heart and energy that operates the system, well, today we recognize this, and so give me a distance high five because we are fucking awesome.

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    awwww, so cute <3

    Disney cosplay always make me smile ^^

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  12. Excuse me while I keel over from this sinus infection/allergy attack

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    this star trek engagement ring is the most precious thing ever okay?


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