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    Statue of the first King of Norway, Harald Hårfagre

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  5. through-the-thorns-to-the-stars:

    Derrry, Northern Ireland photo via ashela

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    Peek-a-moon | by: { Niklas Günsberg }

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    Salzburg, Austria | Alfred Pilar
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    Mt. Shasta, California | Micah Burke

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  9. beautiful-wildlife:

    Lynx in Winter Forrest by Norbert Kappenstein

  10. meorzo:

    Hello autumn… I love you so.

  12. 0ueen:

    "In Nomine Deus" Roberto Ferri

  13. uromancy:

    Roberto Ferri. Ishtar. 2014.

  14. little-miss-melancholy:

    The Festival - Les Edwards

    Sailing through the mists of melancholy

    Surrounded by nocturnal whisperings

    Towards the nightly shores

    Towards the mysterious buried in the dark longing for ancient lores

    The worlds of mortality forever left behind

    Upon the silver beams the wings of timeless dreams

    Melting into the moon and it’s dark secrets

    Engulfed by its purest mystery of light for endless time